Located in the north of the country, Antwerp has a population of around 512,000 which makes it the biggest municipality that can be found in Flanders and Belgium. The history of the country sees Antwerp viewed as an extremely important location with respect to the economy of Belgium, particularly with respect to the seaport, which is one of the largest in Europe.

You will find that there is no shortage of transport links into Antwerp including sea, rail, air and bus options. The city is also well served by the airports in Belgium, including its own Antwerp International Airport but there are also Belgian airport transfer providers offering a quick and easy way to make it to and from Antwerp and the main airport hubs.

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With private airport transfers, chauffeur services and limousine services available, you can arrive or depart from Antwerp in the greatest style and comfort. There is also a fantastic train service available from Antwerp, linking you to destinations such as Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, Charleroi, Liege and even into Holland and France.

What To See In Antwerp

Being a city that welcomes travellers and business from all over the world, Antwerp has been influenced by a great number of different cultures, which creates a lot of opportunities for sightseeing and celebration.

Traditions and Celebrations

Antwerp, like many Belgian cities loves a festival and a celebration with many to choose from throughout the year. You will find film exhibitions, music festivals and parades of a religious nature taking place throughout the year. However, the latter half of July is when Antwerp swings with free music concerts being put on. Some of the best venues to see these acts include the Grote Market or the Groenplaats.


The seaport lies at the cultural heart of what Antwerp has to offer and the city has worked hard in recent times to commemorate its past but to also ensure that the area plays a strong role in the future of Antwerp. There is a new museum bringing to life the history of the local area and the top of the museum hosts two Michelin star-rated restaurants


Even though Belgium is a country that is known for its love of beer, Antwerp has a very strong reputation for providing the setting for the perfect night out. There are more than two thousands bars in Antwerp alone; making it the perfect place to catch up with friends and to sample the best beer Belgium has to offer.

Main Attractions

Although Central Station in Antwerp is an important transportation hub, it is also a classic example of Belgian architecture that attracts many people to look at the building. The Plantin – Moretus Museum is also of great interest, this print museum housing the two oldest printing sets in the entire world. The Cathedral of Our Lady is also worth a visit, not only is it the largest cathedral in Belgium (or Holland), it provides views over the busy market square and also houses a number of paintings by acclaimed artist Ruben.

Near Antwerp

Heading North from Antwerp provides people with the chance to follow the River Scheldt, which takes in a great number of towns and villages. Many of these towns area the ideal place to cycle or take a walk around Lillo. Heading south from Antwerp provides access to a great range of waterways where there is a gentler pace of life. There is a local delicacy in this part of Belgium, which is an eel in green sauce.

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With an illustrious past, Antwerp has still managed to move with the times and provide a great range of attractions and modern meeting destinations for travellers. Whether you are visiting Antwerp for business or pleasure, you are sure to have a great time. To make the most of the time you have available, utilise the services provided by Europe Shuttle to ensure you arrive on time and in style.