As well as being the capital city of Belgium, Brussels is considered by many people to be the capital of the European Union. This means it is a city that regularly welcomes politicians and business professionals. However, the city also has a strong reputation when it comes to weekend breaks and short holidays which helps to make Brussels an extremely popular European destination.

There are a number of ways to arrive in Brussels including planes, trains and by car or bus, so there is a great deal of flexibility about travelling to the city. This means that there is a high demand for a reliable airport transfers service in Belgium, which is something that Europe Shuttle is more than happy to provide for its clients.

Europe Shuttle is active in Belgium providing a range of services based around:

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Both of these destinations airports are important hubs for Brussels and a reliable transport service sees guests arriving in the heart of the city in no time at all. With respect to other forms of transportation in Brussels, there are three main train stations, simply titled South, Central and North.

Brussels South is served by high-speed links and connects the Belgian capital to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, amongst other major cities. There are also bus, tram and underground transport facilities available.

What To See In Brussels

As you would expect from such a popular destination with so many different types of people, there are many attractions to enjoy during your time in Brussels.

Traditions and Celebrations

History and tradition is so important in Brussels that they have set up a museum hosting exhibitions and galleries to celebrate these traditions. The House of Folklore and Traditions has been open since 2002, giving guests a one-stop shop opportunity to see the traditions that the people of Brussels hold so dear. This includes focusing on the Order of Manneken-Pis to the Chilean and Tunisian influence on the city.


Culture lies at the heart of Brussels for many people with architecture being a major highlight of any trip. The Grand Place is a UNESCO World Heritage location while the Atomium is one of the most instantly recognisable pieces of architecture or art work in Europe.


Brussels is a city that takes socialising seriously and good food and drink are at the heart of what the city provides to guests. With close to 2,000 restaurants and countless bars, Brussels has something for everyone with respect to eating and drinking.

Anyone who is looking to stay out all night will be delighted to learn that there are over 50 nightclubs in Brussels, providing a wide variety of music and entertainment. From the latest cutting edge techno and house music DJs to more traditional Europop venues and late night drinking dens, Brussels has a wide selection of night-time attractions.

Main Attractions

For many people, it is the dining experience that is the most important element of a visit to Brussels. Waffles, French Fries, chocolate and beer and are all commonly associated with the city and there are many fine places of historical and modern day importance in these areas.

The Grand Place medieval square is an obvious tourist attraction in the city while the Manneken-Pis is known throughout the world. This statue is central to the Belgian tourist industry and there are plenty of opportunities to buy merchandise relating to this popular icon. The European Parliament Quarters can also provide a focus for your visit.

Near Brussels

While Brussels offers a great number of attractions, it can be good to see more of a country and there are many destinations close to Brussels if you wish to explore further. Anderlecht is a major nearby destination and for those who love European castles, the Castle of Gaasbeek is less than 15km from Brussels.

Many of the best conference venues in Brussels can be found in hotels, which mean that these destinations can provide benefits in two key areas for guests to Brussels:

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  • Hotel La Plaza
  • Marivaux Hotel & Seminar Centre
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All of these are fine conference venues and can provide accommodation. If you are staying elsewhere but are looking to arrive in style, the full range of chauffeur services and limousine services on offer from Europe Shuttle will help you to make the most of your time in Brussels while always making a positive first impression.