While the current population of Ghent makes it the fourth biggest city in Belgium with respect to population, it holds a strong historical importance in the story of Belgium and of the Flemish region. Ghent is also considered to be the capital of the East Flanders region.

Ghent is very well served by local tram and train links while there is a strong provision for cars in the local area too. The train service connects Ghent with the rest of Belgium and Europe but many people decide to fly into Belgium and then make their way to Ghent directly. This means that an airport transfer service is of benefit to tourists heading to Ghent and Europe Shuttle provides an efficient and easy transport solution to the city, including:

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What To See In Ghent

Anyone spending time in Ghent will be pleasantly surprised at how so much of the medieval buildings and architecture remain in place in the city. While this represents a great step back in time for guests, Ghent remains a modern city where people live and work. This ensures that all visitors will receive the best of both worlds in their time in the city.

Traditions and Celebrations

The Festival of Flanders has been running for over 50 years and every summer this brings a great range of historical events and modern culture concerts to Ghent. The combination of old and new is something that is fairly relevant to Ghent, given the look and feel of the city. There are many other celebrations, including the much heralded I Love Techno event, this celebration is one that manages to capture so much of what is good about Ghent.


There have been many great Flemish artists over the years and Ghent has taken time to commemorate and signify the importance of their work. In the Museum voor Schone Kunsten (which translates as the Museum of Fine Arts), there are many piece from local artists who are ranked highly around the world. These pieces sit neatly alongside the work of more renowned artists such as Peter Paul Rubens or Hieronymus Bosch.


As you would expect from a Belgian city, there is a high level of focus placed on dining and drinking. Ghent is no different from the other major Belgian resorts but there are a number of local specialities to look out for. A key factor in where Ghent differs from other cities lies in the fact that the city encourages a meat-free Thursday where vegetarian food is promoted across city buildings and affiliated places of work.

However, for those more interested in the party aspect of life, be prepared to have a great time as Ghent knows how to put on a show. Long regarded as one of the best clubbing destinations in Europe, no matter what style of music you like to dance to, Ghent will have something that will keep you partying until the early hours.

Main Attractions

St Michael’s Bridge is a romantic highlight of the city, located in the heart of the city and is an obvious destination for any young couple. Gravensteen Castle is a popular destination while the Ghent Town Hall has been lovingly preserved and restored, providing an insight into prior generations in the local area.

Near Ghent

There are five predominant areas around Ghent including the Flemish Ardennes, Scheldeland, Wassland, Meetjesland and the Lys Valley. All of these areas have their own delights and charms including a great range of museums, churches, monuments and many other local attractions.

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