As one of the smallest countries in Europe and a completely landlocked one, it could be easy to overlook Luxembourg or think that it has little to offer. This is certainly not the case and the city has a strong financial and economic reputation to talk of. With a strong history and a unique take on many things, a trip to Luxembourg may be a lot more exciting than you first think.

It is also important to note that Luxembourg is the largest city and the capital city of the country. It is likely that you will have plans or meetings in the city but please make time to ensure that you know which Luxembourg it is you are travelling to. It will always be Luxembourg the country but it may not always be Luxembourg the city.

When flying into Luxembourg, you will have the choice of arriving at:

  • Strasbourg Entzheim Airport Transfer SXB
  • Luxembourg Findel Airport LUX

It can be helpful to arrange transportation to and from the airport, which will certainly help to get things off to a flying start. If you are looking to travel in style from the airport to your hotel or accommodation, you may wish to book the limousine services Luxembourg or Strasbourg have to offer. Europe Shuttle provides a great range of transportation solutions that can help you arrive or depart on time, in good style and at a price that is right for you.

What To See In Luxembourg

Whether you are in Luxembourg for business or pleasure, you will have plenty of opportunities to sightsee and get to know the country. There are some stunning buildings, of modern and traditional style, and there are also plenty of cultural elements to enjoy.

Traditions and Celebrations

Upon hearing that Luxembourg is the European country with the highest level of alcohol purchased per head of population, many people may think that this is a country that likes to party. It is certainly possible to have a good time in Luxembourg but a large proportion of the alcohol purchased in the country is actually by residents of neighbouring countries taking advantage of what Luxembourg has to offer.


You may be shocked at the extent of Luxembourg culture and art, which is certainly at a very high level. It may be overshadowed by its near neighbours in Europe but there are plenty of great paintings by local artists and sculptures to enjoy during your time in Luxembourg. It should also be remembered that the UNESCO World Heritage List includes the city of Luxembourg and thanks to the strong economic showing of the country in recent times, there are a number of modern architectural pieces that are worthy of view. Whether you love modern architecture or traditional buildings, Luxembourg has something for you.


Although it is small in size, the number of breweries and restaurants available in Luxembourg ensures that there is a full range of activities to enjoy on an evening out. This should ensure that whatever you have an interest in, you will be able to find some entertaining way to pass your evening.

Main Attractions

Vianden Castle dates back to the 10th century while a lot of work was carried out between the 11thand the 14th century. The castle was allowed to fall into slight ruin from the 17th century onwards but it still remains a romantic and stunning treat for tourists and locals alike.

Near Luxembourg

Given that Luxembourg is landlocked between Germany, France and Belgium you have a whole host of European options surrounding you if you wish to travel further than Luxembourg. There is plenty to enjoy in the capital city and surrounding areas but if you want to see the best of what Europe has to offer, exploring the outlying nations will be of benefit too.

Hotels and Conferences

With Luxembourg offering a great number of business opportunities, it makes sense that you may need to arrange a business meeting or conference. If you are also in need of a hotel for your stay, you may as well look into arranging accommodation where you can also host business meetings or conferences.

  • Sofitel Luxembourg Europe, Luxembourg
  • Grand Hotel Mercure Alfa, Luxembourg
  • Hotel-Gril Campanile, Luxembourg
  • Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg, Luxembourg
  • Golden Tulip Hotel Central Molitor, Luxembourg Airport, Luxembourg
  • Hotel Parc Belair, Luxembourg

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