With over 1.8 million people living in Hamburg, it is clearly a city that people enjoy living in and this has been borne out by the statistics of citizen happiness and popularity of the city. It may not be the first German city that springs to mind for tourists but there is no doubt that Hamburg is popular with tourists and locals alike. The city is a very affluent one with a lot of business and media corporations based in the city.

It is also a huge transport hub in Germany, connecting up the country and Europe. There are two main airports in the local area;

  • Hamburg Airport Transfer HAM
  • Lubeck Airport Transfer LBC

With two main airports serving the Hamburg region, there is definitely a need to have transport laid on to and from the airports, stations and your destination. If you are looking to travel in style or you are perhaps on a business trip, the Europe Shuttle range of chauffeur services Hamburg or limousine services Hamburg can provide exactly what you are looking for to travel in comfort and style.

What To See In Hamburg

The affluent nature of the city and the youthful outlook of so many of the patrons ensures that Hamburg is a city with an awful lot to see and do. No matter what interests you have in life, Hamburg will provide something of interest and benefit.

Traditions and Celebrations

Hamburg is a city that thrives on youthful exuberance and an alternative lifestyle. This is perhaps best personified in the city’s most famous football team, St Pauli who are known all over their world for their tolerant attitude and liberalism. This stands in stark contrast to their local rivals SV Hamburg, who are known to have very strong right-wing views and opinions. In general, Hamburg is a very liberal city with a more relaxed stance on many matters that would be troubling in other parts of the world.


If you are looking for a city that places a lot of importance on culture, Hamburg is the place to be. There are over 60 museums in the city, there are more than 40 theatres and you will find more than 100 clubs and music venues in the city. The city has a high level of taxable organisations active in the cultural area of work and around 20 million people every year engage in cultural activities across the city. No matter what is of interest to you, you will find plenty of interest in Hamburg.


For many people, Hamburg nightlife is automatically associated with The Beatles, who played extensive stints here in the early part of their career. The clubs may have been cleaned up since those days but there is no doubt that music venues and electronic dance music venues make up the most important parts of the modern Hamburg nightlife.

Main Attractions

The Miniatur Wunderland is easily one of the most important and popular attractions in the city. The miniature area sees replicas of Hamburg and surrounding nations while there is a mini train running through the park. This venue is a perfect place to while away an afternoon or day in the city.

Near Hamburg

While there is much to see and do in Hamburg, getting out of the city and exploring the area around Hamburg can bring a great number of benefits. If you are looking to some other German destinations, you will find that New Wulmstorf, Wedel, Jork, Stelle, Seevetal, Glinde, Barsbuttel and Reinbek are all located within 22km of Hamburg.

Given that there are so many major businesses operating in Hamburg, there is a lot to be said for finding a hotel and conference centre in one building. Having everything you need to make the most of your trip in one place will be a huge benefit and there is no shortage of fantastic venues that can cater for all of your needs in Hamburg. You will find that all of these venues are suitable:

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