St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

For close to two hundred years, St Petersburg was regarded as the imperial capital of Russia until the main government bodies moved from the city to Moscow in 1918. To this day, St Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia with a population of more than 5 million people. It is viewed as the most Western city in Russia, not only in terms of geography but with regards to the style and nature of the area. St Petersburg is often referred to as the cultural capital of Russia and it is the most northern city in the world which carries a population of more than one million people. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President hails from St Petersburg.

How to get to St. Petersburg

Getting to and from St Petersburg from a different country is simple with the Pulkovo Airport providing a wide range of transportation options. This airport is the fourth largest in Russia, behind the three airports in Moscow. Anyone looking for an airport transfer in St Petersburg has plenty of options. There is a bus shuttle service but Pulkovo Airport transfers LED are also well served by Europe Shuttle. The company provides the most effective chauffeur services St Petersburg has to offer while they also provide the most comfortable limousine services St Petersburg can boast of.

St Petersburg is a major rail hub in Russia, allowing people to travel domestically and internationally from there. The five main train stations in the city are Moskovskii Station, Vitebskiy Station, Baltiiskii Station, Ladozhsky Station and Finlyandsky Station.

What to see in St. Petersburg

There are more than 80 theatres to choose from in St Petersburg, fully justifying its reputation as the most cultural city in Russia. The most famous of all the theatres in St Petersburg is the Mariinsky Theatre, which is the home of the Mariinsky Ballet company. Some of the most famous ballet dancers such as Rudolph Nureyev, Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky were key stars of the Mariinsky ballet.

In addition to a high number of theatres, St Petersburg can boast of over 220 museums, 100 concert venues, 45 galleries, over 60 cinemas, more than 2,000 libraries and more than 80 other cultural venues. The city plays host to more 100 art and culture festivals every year, including 50 International festivals.

The city also still plays host to so many of the 18th and 19th century architectural pieces. This means that St Petersburg is regarded as one of the most important reserves of former European architectural style.

While there is much in St Petersburg that indicates the city is far more Western than Moscow, this cannot be said about the cuisine. St Petersburg offers up a far more traditional Russian style of dining than you’ll find in the capital. This means if you want to eat authentic and hearty Russian food, a trip to St Petersburg will offer you everything you want.

Near St. Petersburg

St Petersburg has more than enough to keep visitors entertained and occupied but the suburbs of the city has plenty on offer too. Vyborg is close to the city but it is also close to the border with Finland. There have been battles fought over who owns Vyborg, which explains the castle but there are many traditional sights and attractions in this part of the country.

Conferences Centres, Events & Conventions in St. Petersburg

As a strong link between Russia and the West, there are plenty of conference centres and business hubs in St Petersburg. If you are looking to arrive in style, you’ll be delighted with the range of corporate transportation Europe Shuttle has to offer while the executive services offered are second to none. If you want to arrive at your meeting or conference in style, make sure you travel with Europe Shuttle.

Main Hotels in St. Petersburg

As a major tourist hub, St Petersburg offers a great range of hotels for international and domestic travellers. The Nevsky Forum, the Best Eastern Hotel Spbvergaz, the Hotel Astoria and the Radisson Royal Hotel St Petersburg are all excellent venues. In fact, the Radisson Royal Hotel St Petersburg dates back to the 1730s and the hotel has still retained in its original façade. This provides a stylish way to stay for anyone looking to make the most of their time in St Petersburg.