With a history dating back to the 7th century, Krakow has an immense level of history to offer people and it can help you to get in touch with history of this part of the world. The main part of the city has a population of around 750,000 but within 100km of the centre of Krakow, you will find 8 million people. This means that Krakow is the epicentre of daily life for many people in Poland on a business, entertainment and cultural viewpoint.

If you arrive in Krakow, arranging transport or travel is extremely important as it will provide you with the best starting point to your time in the city.

  • John Paul II Kraków-Balice Airport Transfer KRK
  • Krakow Airport KRK

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What To See In Krakow

With over 7 million tourists making their way to Krakow in a year, with over 2 million from outside Poland coming to the city, there is a lot of attractions on offer. This means that there is no shortage of attractions, exhibitions, museums and so much more on offer in the city.

Traditions and Celebrations

There are a number of great traditions to enjoy in Krakow but one of the most enduring is the one of the Christmas Cribs. This tradition has been present since the 14th century and it ties in a love of Christmas, religion and linking to the local area. This is a tradition that is still loved and valued to this day, making it one of the most enduring regular traditions in central Europe.


Krakow is viewed as being the cultural capital of the country and there is no shortage of cultural attractions on offer. There are 28 major museums to choose from in Krakow and they are separated into the municipal and national museums. There also plenty of other minor art collections and many galleries which are open to all members of the public.


There are an excellent range of pubs and clubs to choose from in Krakow and if you are looking to have a great night, you have nothing to worry about here. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in Krakow.

Main Attractions

The historic centre in Krakow is a major attraction which dates back to the 13th century and is a key part of the city’s history. There are many palaces and churches in this area which will give you a great insight into what is on offer in Krakow.

Near Krakow

Although Krakow is a fantastic city to visit, you may wish to see a bit more of what Poland as to offer and there are plenty of great destinations within 50km of Krakow to look out for. Some of the best towns and villages to look out for is Bukowno, Bochina, Olkusz, Wolbrom, Miechow, Wadowice and Skawina. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it close to Krakow.

Hotels and Conferences

Krakow, while not the capital city of Poland,  provides a great number of business opportunities with many major firms having business and premises in the city. If you are heading to the city for business, there are plenty of options available for you. Whether you need a hotel, a conference venue or both, you will find that there is something for everyone.

All of these venues will provide you with an excellent range of service and should help you to make the most of your time in the city.

  • Novotel Krakow Bronowice, Krakow
  • Orbis Hotel Francuski, Krakow
  • Grand Hotel, Krakow
  • NH Galaxy
  • Hotel PTTK Wyspianski, Krakow
  • Orbis Hotel Francuski, Krakow
  • Hotel Sympozjum, Krakow
  • Paszkowka Palace Hotel, Krakow
  • Hotel Amadeus, Krakow

With so many different hotels and conference venues to choose from, you may find that you are doing a lot of travelling around Krakow. If you are taking care of employees or business colleagues, you will find that the Europe Shuttle service will be of good value to keep you moving. You will find that there is a range of executive service options and corporate transportation options to meet all of your needs.